Printed Food Boxes

Boxaiz بوكسايز

Printed food boxes are always in demand. Printed food boxes supported by new generation designs are a box to keep your food fresh and healthy. Its unique design makes it easy to open and close.

Boxaiz Packaging printed food boxes, which have a high level of use, have the following advantages;

  • It is produced from an environmentally friendly material
  • Easy to open and close, convenient to use
  • Printing produces better results than plastic bags or paper boxes
  • Printing food boxes is very popular in supermarkets, hotels and restaurants

Printed Wholesale Food Boxes

Especially printed wholesale food boxes have been in demand recently. This type of box is designed as a custom made food box that helps you to pack and store your food products. Printed food boxes are specially designed for the food industry and can be customized according to customers’ needs. These boxes are made of high quality plastic, which is sturdy and durable. It is designed in different sizes and shapes. So you can choose any according to your need. These boxes can be used for cakes, desserts, biscuits, cookies, etc. It can be used to pack different foodstuffs.

Baklava Box

Baklava box products, which have attracted attention recently , are boxes that you can put the baklavas in and carry without any problems. Such boxes; It is a patented technology that allows you to print in full color on any surface. Therefore, when printed food boxes come to the fore, we come across boxes that show an extremely high level of performance. As a result, printed food boxes must protect against physical damage from falling or impact during transport at home or in retail stores. Thus, it has an extremely practical use feature.

Cookie box

Cookie Box , confectionery, chocolate, etc., which has always been popular . It is very useful for storing small items such as This includes cake boxes; It will help you to present it beautifully on display counters in grocery stores or supermarkets. These boxes are available at really affordable prices. So any budget conscious entrepreneur can easily afford them without any hassle. In the meantime, Boxaiz Packaging printed food boxes have an ideal feature in terms of price and quality balance.

Potato Box

The potato box , which has a practical use feature , is among the box designs that can be used practically. As is known, food packaging is the process of surrounding or protecting products for distribution, storage and sale. The process of producing printed food boxes also refers to the process of designing, evaluating and producing packaging. Packaging can be defined as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, storage, logistics, sale and end use.

Printed food boxes produced at a quality level; preserves and preserves products. Therefore, such products are always in a popular position.