The Fine Line Between Customer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction

Boxaiz بوكسايز

The fine line we are talking about is the body language of companies. How does it occur? Before explaining this, let's look at its effect on people we all know:


As humans, our actions and attitudes, that is, our body language, express us more than our words. If we tell the truth or lie about something, our body will make us feel it before words, even with its posture.

I think everyone knows the answer. If people can understand emotions just from their hands, your every move is important to express your company correctly.

The same goes for companies. Although you say “Our customers are more important than anything else.” Even if you say so, if you use unprinted or standard printed products instead of providing service with printed products, your customers will not feel cared for . And I'm sorry, but you will be remembered by what you make them feel rather than what you say loudly.

Body Language of Companies;

The body language you will display and the printed products you will use are the fine line between your customers' satisfaction and dissatisfaction :): It is up to you to turn this situation to your advantage.

  • Your staff determines the first statement in the service sector, no one can say no to a friendly and pleasant welcome. Please be selective in your personnel recruitment, remember that they are your representatives in a way.
  • The services or products you offer are the heart of this body, make sure they are of high quality. The secret to a long life is a healthy heart?
  • Let's come to the most important element that will strengthen your expression; your packaging . Your packaging is your company's clothing.

Be careful with your clothing choices 😉

Yes, we can think of packaging products as clothes, but I'm not talking about what my brother saw on the road on those rainy days and realized by cutting off the face and arms of a large bag and making a raincoat :))))

Think about job interviews. Who would wear pajamas to a job interview? Or do you think that important meetings should be dressed in casual clothes, since buying nice clothes would be costly? Of course no. This behavior will make you feel that you do not care about the job and will not produce pleasant results.

I'm sure everyone chooses their best clothes and takes care to express themselves in the best way with their clothes and attitude.

What has happened so far are behaviors that every human being exhibits instinctively. So how are companies exhibited?

I can't even imagine Starbucks serving with plastic transparent cups (in pajamas :)). It's even hard to imagine using unprinted paper cups (everyday clothes 🙁 ).

If your dream is to become such a brand, I suggest you continue with meticulous workwear. ?